IberoDocs 2014

The first edition IberoDocs, the new Ibero-American Documentary Festival in Edinburgh, takes place this week. SALT is proud to sponsor the festival and we would like to write today about three of its films.
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Learn about Spanish culture in you lunch break.

An Old Woman Cooking Eggs, by Diego de Velázquez, is one of his most famous early works and it "lives" in Edinburgh. The painting was produced during his Seville period and the date is not precisely known but is thought to be around the turn of 1618 before his definitive move to Madr
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Learning a language, learning a culture

The windows and the entrance of the big bookshop chains generally display the big commercial titles and authors. It's no surprise to see something by J K Rowling or Morrissey's autobiography, but not a Spanish author. We were pleasantly surprised to discover The Inflatuations, the lat
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On sleeping / Sobre el sueño

One of our students, Dr. Renata Riha, asked us to spread the word about this event. We are happy to do it, and perhaps provide some new vocabulary about sleeping.
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Spot the differences / Marca las diferencias

We must admit that jokes about nationalities can be very funny. For us, British people are serious during the week but get completely drunk when they go on holiday to Spain. In fact, this joke has been included in the best man's speech of every wedding we have attended here.
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Theatre play in Spanish

"La Cubana” is one of the most successful and prestigious theatre companies in Spain. It was set up as a cooperative in the early eighties in Barcelona. The actors do everything: they perform, sing, sew the costumes, paint the stage, etc. Its spirit is the same as the small companie
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The next Queen of Scotland?

If you ask any Spanish expat who the Duchess of Alba is, they will be able to tell you all about her in detail. She is possibly the most famous Spanish woman within the country.

 Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, 18th Duchess of Alba, is an eccentric 87 years old billionaire known for
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