Learn Spanish faster

At SALT we are always looking for new ways to help our students learn Spanish. This summer we offer Express courses: an opportunity to start learning or improve your Spanish in only two weeks. Why might you take an Express course?
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You say potato, I say patata – adapting your business… and expectations

Do you dream of starting your own business and being your own boss? It can sound tempting but what’s the difference between imagining this and the reality of running a company?
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TV series in Spanish? Better try a film.

Students want plenty of times recommendation of good films in Spanish. As you possibly know, SALT has DVD library with more than 100 Spanish and Latin American films in different options, with Spanish subtitles, English subtitles or none of them. Whatever is your Spanish level, you ca
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An alien dressed as Madonna

An alien or Madonna?
Hooray! Waterstones did it again! In two months, two Spanish authors were included in its seasonal Book Club. In Spring it was the turn of Javier Marías, and now it’s the time to discover Eduardo Mendoza in the Summer Book Club.
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Vetusta Morla in Edinburgh

The number of the Spaniards living in Edinburgh is increasing. You can hear the language everywhere and the number of related cultural activities is growing each year. Restaurants, film festivals... and music too.
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