“Snow White” in Edinburgh

Once upon a time there was a girl who lost her mum. A few months later her dad got married with a horrible woman who asked her magic mirror every day: “Mirror, mirror, who is the prettiest woman of the kingdom?” The mirror always answered: “You're the one”, until one day the m
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Mum, don’t worry: there is a good chorizo in Edinburgh

Jamón, chorizo and lomo are part of our daily diet in Spain, but during the Christmas festivities we tend to buy better products, generally acorn pork. Does it mean that the ham includes little pieces of acorn?
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Three easy tips to enormously increase your vocabulary

Vocabulary is one of the most difficult aspects to improve when learning a foreign language. Spanish has Latin as mother and English comes from German, so how can we make it easier? How can we learn new Spanish words when they don’t appear to have anything in common?
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