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A book recommendation: Leaving the Atocha Station

Sometimes a novel doesn’t need a nice lead character to catch our attention. For example, Hannibal Lecter has seduced generations in books and film and the character continues to be appeal with a successful TV series. One of the last books that I (Eduardo) read has a character with maniac depression addicted to smoking hash without any kind of social skills.

So I am sure that you are now wondering why we are recommending this…

The book is called Leaving the Atocha Station and tells the story of an American guy in his early twenties who moved to Madrid on a scolarship. He wants to be a poet but instead of writing he decides to enjoy life in Madrid. This is a summary of all the activities you can do in the capital, its night life but it’s also the impressions of a foreigner: very funny and very accurate.

Do you have any recommendations of books set in Spanish speaking countries? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

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