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And the courses go to…

To celebrate our upcoming move to Castle Terrace, SALT offered the chance to win one of six Beginner 1 Spanish courses in August for free. Who were the best answers to hour competition? And the six winners of a Spanish Beginner course in August are:

Why do you want to learn Spanish?

1. I want to learn Spanish so I can star in the next Amoldovar film. One day my dream will come true and I’ll be cast as a drug trafficking, transvestite nun or another typical character. If my acting career fails to take off at least my Spanish will help me when I am on holiday in Malaga, by Briam.

2. I have always loved the rich Spanish culture and history and want to learn more about it. I love the sound of the spoken language. My girlfriend is from Barcelona and i cant wait to visit the city, it looks amazing and the architecture of Antoni Gaudi is just awesome. It would also help if I were able to understand when she is cursing at me in Spanish (or Catalan) – like when I am not cooking properly or something ( Hostia !! is not a word of encouragement like she said – thanks google translater jajajaja ) – Mark, by Mark MacLean.

3. I want to live in Spain for a year to try to know it better. I love the openness of the people and the mix of European and Moorish cultures in their food, art and architecture. I want to learn Spanish so that I can live in Valencia and participate in real life there. But learning Spanish opens up a lot more than Spain as Spanish is spoken in so many countries. I don’t want to spend my retirement limited to one country or even just one continent. So much to see and do in an unknowable amount of time, by Carol Watson.

4. I want to speak Spanish because I m planning on taking a long trip to South America next year.I want to spend some time in Sao Paolo, a place I’m fascinated by and knowing Spanish will come in handy. Also, I d like to read Cervantes and to watch Almodovar’ s films in their original language. I think it’s better to learn a foreign language in a fun, interactive group environment like SALT than taking an online course by yourself, by Adela P.

5. Throughout the summers of 2010 and 2011 I worked as an Au Pair in Seville for a lovely Spanish family. This was challenging enough, given that I was to move to a new country at the age of 21, but I also knew nothing of the Spanish language or culture. As I taught the young girls English I was able to learn colours, numbers and different types of animals – with this, I could probably converse with a 3 to 5 year old in Spain! I wish to learn Spanish in order to go back to Seville to stay with, what I would now deem, my Spanish family and converse well with them in their language. I hope to learn so that when someone asks me a question I have both the ability and confidence to say more to them than simply ‘si’ or ‘no’. I would like to go back to Seville and no longer be that quiet English girl but the girl who can actively participate in a decent conversation!, by Ellie Spellman.

6. I want to learn spanish because I want to sit on my sofa, eating doritos with salsa sauce while watching (and understanding) those melodramatic and exaggerated spanish telenovelas!, by Rebecca.