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Obtain a worldwide recognised qualification

We are extraordinarily happy with our new service: SALT is now a DELE examiner centre. The DELE exam is the officially recognised qualification awarded by the Instituto Cervantes, the Spanish institution responsible for promoting the study and the teaching of the Spanish language and culture, part of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The organisation has branches in 20 different countries and more than 50 centres devoted to the Spanish and Hispanic American culture and Spanish Language.

If you are thinking of taking this exam, here are some good reasons to convince you to do it: 
1. The DELE exam is an official qualification by the Spanish government. That means that your level of proficiency in Spanish is accredited by a highly prestigious institution with a worlwide recognition. 
2. To prove yourself. It’s not always necessary seeking external reasons, maybe you already have the motivation but lack a goal. You only need to tell yourself: “now no one can tell me that I don’t speak good Spanish”.
3. DELE exam never expires. When you pass it, the qualification is valid for life. 
4. The DELE exam is a prerequisite to study an undergraduate, postgraduate or other university courses in many Spanish and Latin American universities. 
5. Your professional opportunities in Spain and Latin America will increase enormously with this certificate.
6. There are six different levels, so you don’t need to be a master of the Spanish language to take one of these certifications.
7. If you’re planning to move to any Spanish speaking country, the DELE exam certifies that you’re ready to start a new life in a place with a different mother tongue. 
To book our DELE preparation course or your exam,  please contact us on 0131 228 6788 or More details here


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