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Our next Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) exams are coming soon and the deadline to enrol yourself is open until 27th March. So, if you are considering to get a diploma in Spanish language, don´t leave it until the last minute. But if DELE is not for you, in our school we also offer SIELE (International Spanish Language Evaluation System) exams. These are two different certification systems of Spanish proficiency designed to meet the needs of our Spanish language learners. We would like you to know which one suits you best and therefore, we have drawn up a table comparing both systems.

Here are some of the differences between both exams:

What is it? Diploma of Spanish language level-mastery which follows the guidelines of the of the Common European Reference for Languages (CEFR). From level A1 to C2. Certificate of proficiency in Spanish language based on a point-scale equivalent to the A1-C1 CEFR levels.
Issued by Ministry of Education, and Professional Development of Spain Instituto Cervantes,Universidad Autónoma de México, Universidad de Salamanca and Universidad de Buenos Aires
Expiry date It does not expire or has to be renewed 2 years
International recognition Only official diploma in Spanish with worldwide recognition Education and Language worldwide organisations
Candidates / Aimed at Learners of Spanish as a Foreign Language or Second Language (young learners, youths and adults) Learners of Spanish as a Foreign or Second Language (youths and adults)
Exam Exam on paper in any of the authorised exam centres at the appointed dates Computer-based exam (the exam is conducted online) in one of the authorised exam centres (the exam is delivered on computer) by appointment
Levels Six different proficiency levels for adult candidates from A1 to C2

Two exams for young learners: A1 and A2-B1

 One exam which includes tasks from A1 to C1 level
Exam format Four different papers:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening comprehension
  • Written expression and Interaction
  • Spoken Expression and Interaction
2 types:
SIELE Global with four different papers:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening comprehension
  • Writing expression and Interaction
  • Spoken Expression and Interaction

In the second option you can also choose some of the above papers.

Exam results Pass/ Fail Knowledge-based score shown in a scale of 1000 points, equivalent to the CEFR (A1 to C1)
Type of certificate Official diploma for successful candidates Certificate for SIELE Global

Report for the other 5 exams

Result notification Approximately two months after taking the exam Within a maximum of three weeks


In SALT we also offer private tuition to prepare our students for DELE and SIELE examinations. Our teachers are certified in both evaluation systems, so if you are thinking about getting any of the two certificates, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will provide you with all the information.

You can also visit DELE  and SIELE websites for further information.

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