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What is the difference between Spanish spoken in Spain and Latin America?

We are frequently asked “What is the difference between Spanish spoken in Spain and Latin America?” Honestly, we find it very difficult to answer because the Spanish spoken throughout Latin America cannot be reduced to only one neat thing.

Latin America is an enormous territory from Mexico to the south of Chile. It includes tropical climates and frozen regions, warm beaches and high peaks, coastlines with delicious fish and refreshing fruit and interior villages with tasty meat… This variety also means different cultures and backgrounds that each influence the Spanish language in very different ways.

Generally we answer the question with another question: “Are there differences between English from London and English from Aberdeen? Are there differences between English from Nebraska and English in Montreal which coexists with French?” These questions can be applied to the Latin American territory by changing the names of the countries.

This week we read a blog from an English-Spanish translator settled in New York and their description may clarify your curiosity:

The Spanish language has five different dialects comprising of Andean, Argentine, Caribbean, Iberian and Mexican. All of these dialects are different from one another in their expressions and meanings. While translating from English to Spanish, key differences need to be kept in mind. This is because some Spanish expressions are acceptable in some countries, but should be avoided in others.

If you want to read the full article, click here.

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