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Five good reasons to learn Spanish at SALT

What can you find at SALT Edinburgh and not at other local languages schools? Here are five good reasons:

  • We are 100% Spanish. SALT staff are native people who know the language, the culture and your needs when you are learning Spanish.
  • We are not only Spanish people who speak Spanish, we are also a highly-educated team who loves teaching, our language and culture and wants to make you love it too.
  • Materials are included in the price. There are no extra surprises like a book to buy after booking your course or a uninspiring pile of exercises where you have to fill the gap.
  • You will enjoy more activities apart of your lessons. Language and culture cannot be separated so we organise visits to the cinema and theatre and catch any Hispanic event celebrated in this city.¬†Where possible we negotiate a student concession for a group from SALT.
  • Our extended DVD library. You may take up to three DVDs a week. Classic and contemporary, Spanish and South American films with Spanish or English subtitles most of them.



  1. Marco

    A good balance between grammar and cultural topics. I find Jorge and Eduardo extremely passionate about teaching. The class is never boring! Looking forward to using the DVD library and the website resources.

  2. Claire Stevens

    A maximum of nine students per class is a real bonus, lots of teacher attention and plenty of opportunity to speak. Classes are good fun as well as hard work, Eduardo and Jorge have great senses of humour, je je! And the summer programme this year looks even better than last year’s.

  3. Fatou

    Unfortunately that depends on if you have the luagnage packs on your cd. Usually such cds have just one luagnage pack. What you can do is install it in spanish and then borrow a disc in the english version from a friend and it will give you the option of installing only the luagnage pack. Also downloading luagnage packs is another option.

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