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It seems like yesterday…

Wow! It seems like yesterday that we opened our first, smaller venue in Stockbridge and we were full of hopes and expectations. Now, more experienced but equally full of plans and projects, we are in the fourth week of our fifth academic course. Four years later, SALT is well established and possibly the best place to learn Spanish in Edinburgh.

Which are the differences between now and then? Now we haveā€¦

1… better materials.

After having created them, we wrote, rewrote, adapted, changed… and then refined again. And we will continue to do this in order to have the best Spanish lessons in Edinburgh.

2… better location.

We used to be in a cosy street in Stockbridge; it was very nice but not very practical. However, in Castle Terrace there is plenty of parking around, buses connect us to everywhere in town and two train stations just ten minutes away on foot.

3… better venue.

Now we have three classrooms instead of two, an office instead of nothing. Our place is definitely bigger but our motto is still the same: offering small classes in order to give to everyone chances to speak, so our students learn more.

4… better teachers.

We choose carefully our staff. They all have years of experience teaching Spanish and students’ feedback at the end of the term is essential for us. Apart from this, we have four years more of practicing and knowledge. If we add this to our previous experience teaching in different places, can you find better professionals to teach you Spanish in Edinburgh?

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