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Let’s have a FIESTA!

We’re so excited and just can’t hide it… That’s the reason we are organising an opening party at SALT’s new venue. If you have been SALT student, please join us at SALT, 12a Castle Terrace on 3rd of August at 6pm. But if this was not enough, here are four more reasons to invite all our students to share a glass of Spanish wine with us.

1. SALT started as an adventure and now is a respected and established business. From a tiny school in Stockbridge we are growing to a four classroom school.
2. We also have a back garden and there aren’t many chances to enjoy it.
3. August is the month of the festivals, so let’s add another one.
4. This is our way to say thank you to all the people who chose and supported SALT, helping us to grow.

If you want more information of this event, please click on SALT Facebook page.

Picture: Sparkler by Skyline Dream

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