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Picasso by Night!

First of all, sorry for not updating this blog more often. Maybe we should add “not updating a blog” to the worldwide list of good intentions: not going to the gym, not going to the lessons, not updating the blog… I (Eduardo) am embarrassed how many times I paid a yearly membership for the gym and I haven’t gone. I can count my attendances, as we say in Spanish, with the fingers of one hand.

Because of that, we are going to recover the blog habit saying thank you to the National Galleries of Scotland for its exhibition “Picasso and Modern British Art” which finished last weekend. We were really fortunate to teach at a night event celebrated in September: Picasso by Night. An original and fun approach to art for nighthawks to meet at the galleries spirit for a relaxed Friday evening. We hope that it was the first of a long list of events by night!

‘Thanks again to SALT Edinburgh for all your work at our Picasso By Night event. Your Spanish lessons proved hugely popular throughout the evening and the sessions themselves were informative, fun and engaging.’ (Anne McMeeking, Marketing Officer at National Galleries of Scotland)

Teaching at the Gallery

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  1. Jose

    Hi John,My wife and I came to Scotland for our honeymoon back in ’92. We flew into Glasgow, went to Edinburgh and used it as a base for daptirys for the first week. The next week we went up to Inverness and took daptirys from there for a week. Scotland is beautiful and the people we met were friendly and welcoming. If you ever get the chance come visit the mountains of North Carolina. I think you’ll find it a lot like home. All the best,Tappy

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