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Private VS group Spanish lessons

Some people contact us asking about the main differences between our group sessions and the private tuition. How is a private tuition different?

1. You have full attention from your tutor.

At group lessons, we have to divide our energy between all students in the group – that’s why we have a maximum of only 12 people at SALT lessons. Everyone has different backgrounds and abilities, so we need to weigh up the skills and situation of each one in order to have an harmonious session.

2. The lessons are tailored to your needs.

Everyone is good at different things – we know this very well as we are also learning English. As mentioned in the previous point, having an equilibrium between students is essential when you’re part of a group. However, as a private client you can ask to tailor your lessons to your interests and needs. Do you want to reinforce your grammar or do you feel insecure at speaking? Are you preparing an exam and your Achilles’ heel is the writing section?

3. Flexibility.

Lot of people don’t have standard working hours or travel a lot. In these cases it is very difficult to fit a weekly appointment for three months into their diaries. Many of our students who have chosen one-to-one tuition are looking for this flexibility and the possibility of having their lessons at different days and times each week.

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