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Spanish Immersion Days

Learning a new language has many benefits at any age. However, the earlier you start this process, the higher the results. One of our new projects are the Immersion Days for Higher and Advanced Higher, an intense time at different secondary schools throughout Scotland when young adults can enhance their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.

These sessions have been developed in collaboration with the Education Office of the Spanish Embassy in the UK. As we always maintain, culture and language go hand in hand. The purpose of this project is combining the practise of the Spanish language in a funnier and relaxed approach. Spanish Language Assistants from the Spanish Embassy Education Office/British Council Programme guide the teenagers. A new language doesn’t have to be a long list of verbs or idioms; it’s also its local dances, gastronomy and other traditions.

The first session of this new project took place last Friday 23rd of January at the St Peter the Apostle High School in Aberdeen in collaboration with the Aberdeen City Council. Seventy-five students from different high schools in the area attended this event and the program was:

  1. Eh! What’s up? (¡Hey! ¿Qué pasa contigo?)
  2. Dreams (Interpretación de sueños)
  3. Shall we meet? (¿Quedamos?)
  4. Learning a typical Spanish dance (Baile tradicional leonés)
  5. I had fun (Lo pasé muy bien)


This is only the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration between SALT and different Scottish councils. Our following Spanish Immersion Days in Scotland are:

  • 20th February. St Peter the Apostle High School. In collaboration with West Dunbartonshire Council.
  • 24th, 25th and 26th February. Excelsior Stadium. In collaboration with North Lanarkshire Council.

Next confirmed dates will be updated very soon.

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