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End of Movember: Spanish moustaches

There is only one day left of Movember/November, the month of magnificent mustaches such as those displayed on some of our male students’ faces this month.

In Spanish “moustache” is “mostacho”, but this word is used in Latin America while in Spain we call it “bigote”. The Spanish word came from German, from bey Gott! (┬íViva Dios!). During the 17th century and the Spanish Empire, this expression was frequently used by Flemish gentlemen as they stroked their moustaches. Until then we used the word “mostacho” in Spain, and this earlier word was the one introduced to Latin America in the 16th century and the reason why they still use it today.

And here are a few pictures of famous Spanish moustaches…

Antonio Banderas wore one in some of his most famous films like “El Zorro” or “Four Rooms”.



Viggo Mortensen also had one in “El Capit├ín Alatriste” (The Spanish Musketeer).



But, without question, this is the most iconic Spanish moustache of all time…


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