Learn about Spanish culture in you lunch break.

An Old Woman Cooking Eggs, by Diego de Velázquez, is one of his most famous early works and it "lives" in Edinburgh. The painting was produced during his Seville period and the date is not precisely known but is thought to be around the turn of 1618 before his definitive move to Madr
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The anguish of the white wall

Spanish artist Jesús Zurita lived in an empty, white room for one week at the Museo ABC, Madrid. His purpose was to work sixteen hours every day and cover all the walls.
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Picasso by Night!

First of all, sorry for not updating this blog more often. Maybe we should add “not updating a blog” to the worldwide list of good intentions: not going to the gym, not going to the lessons, not updating the blog… I (Eduardo) am embarrassed how many times I paid a ye
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