Private VS group Spanish lessons

Some people contact us asking about the main differences between our group sessions and the private tuition. How is a private tuition different?
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Passionate about Spanish?

SALT student Melissa Steel is completing a Masters in Journalism at Edinburgh Napier and needs your help! She ia writing an article about why people learn the language and would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions:
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Inspirational language quotes: Zadie Smith

This is a perfect example of word play which cannot be translated into English. We love Zadie Smith but… ¿Tiene algún sentido “El pasado es tenso (“tense” significa “tenso” pero también “tiempo verbal”); el futuro es perfecto (con el
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Learn about Spanish culture in you lunch break.

An Old Woman Cooking Eggs, by Diego de Velázquez, is one of his most famous early works and it "lives" in Edinburgh. The painting was produced during his Seville period and the date is not precisely known but is thought to be around the turn of 1618 before his definitive move to Madr
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Win a Beginner Spanish course in August!

win a free spanish course
To celebrate our upcoming move to Castle Terrace, SALT is offering you the chance to win one of six Beginner 1 Spanish courses in August for free.
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