Three easy tips to enormously increase your vocabulary

Vocabulary is one of the most difficult aspects to improve when learning a foreign language. Spanish has Latin as mother and English comes from German, so how can we make it easier? How can we learn new Spanish words when they don’t appear to have anything in common?
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10 words in Spanish about the Scottish referendum

The eyes of the world are looking to Scotland today. We would like to contribute a bit to this historical moment helping you to increase your vocabulary. How can you say in Spanish all those words that we have been hearing every day during the last year?
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Apart from “cerveza”, what is your favourite Spanish word?

How many words do you know in Spanish? Possibly the most emblematic are related to food and enjoyment: paella, matador, chorizo, fiesta, tango tortilla, guacamole... If you have studied it, you will already know that our language is “slightly” more complicated.
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