A secret corner in Madrid

When visitors come to see us in Edinburgh, we like to suggest some hidden treasures away from the tourists and Royal Mile. One of our favourites is a walk along to the Dean Gallery by the Water of Leith and Dean Village. We also recommend browsing the shops in Stockbridge and stopping
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Should the interior of a building also be protected?

If you have visited Madrid, you must have seen the "Edificio España" in the iconic Plaza de España at the end of Gran Vía. For the last ten years the presence of the huge and empty building was very depressing. It has been vacant since it closed in 2005 after being a hotel for n
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A book recommendation: Leaving the Atocha Station

Sometimes a novel doesn't need a nice lead character to catch our attention. For example, Hannibal Lecter has seduced generations in books and film and the character continues to be appeal with a successful TV series. One of the last books that I (Eduardo) read has a character with ma
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The anguish of the white wall

Spanish artist Jesús Zurita lived in an empty, white room for one week at the Museo ABC, Madrid. His purpose was to work sixteen hours every day and cover all the walls.
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Three suggestions for Madrid

Gran Vía, Madrid by A Rajo
The Guardian newspaper recently published a selection of places to visit in Madrid - a very nice selection but also a bit touristic in our opinion. Here are another three suggestions if you are planning to travel to the capital of Spain.
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