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Watching movies in Spanish

Study Spanish Edinburgh

One of the benefits of studying Spanish at SALT is access to watching Spanish language films for free. We have a DVD library with over one hundred films in Spanish with English subtitles, Spanish subtitles or unsubtitled as your level improves or if you want a challenge.

What are the direct benefits of watching a movie for a language student? Here are some examples:

  1. A language cannot be separated from the cultural aspects of a society. While you watch a movie you learn social clues, the way of expressing yourself in a restaurant, in a shop, with your partners or your friends. Basically, you know how people behave in that country. You can also see that the social rules in South America and Spain are completely different just as there are differences between and American and British culture.
  2. If you watch a movie in Spanish with English subtitles you are passively training your listening skills.
  3. If you watch a movie in Spanish with Spanish subtitles you are also practising your reading and will pick up new words. This can help your writing skills.
  4. If you watch a movie carefully, looking at the actor’s lips, the position and the movements of every sound, you will learn the pronunciation.
  5. If that’s not enough you will discover new faces, voices, accents and names. Penélope Cruz, Gael García Bernal and Antonio Banderas are amazing actors, but there are so many new faces that you don’t know yet.


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