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We are moving to Castle Terrace.

If you have been SALT student, you may have noticed that in the last six months our business has grown considerably. As we outgrew our premises at Clarence Street we needed to rent external classrooms for some of our lessons in LifeCare, Cheyne Street.

During the last half a year we have been searching for a new place in the Stockbridge area to continue being part of this lovely neighbourhood. After months of trying to be closer and closer to area, we realised that we needed to open our search. Eventually we found a lovely place in Castle Terrace. The new SALT is more spacious with four classrooms and a lovely garden. We think it is the perfect place and our students will feel much more comfortable. We will continue to teach Spanish in small groups to make learning more effective.

Thank you to all our students for choosing SALT and helping us grow.

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