10 reasons to learn Spanish (2)

Didn't you have enough reasons in our previous post? 10 more reasons to learn Spanish. SALT offers Spanish classes in Edinburgh for all levels.
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New Spanish courses start today / Nuevas clases de español empiezan hoy

Last week we worked very hard but we aren't complaining. There is a saying in Spain which is "sarna con gusto, no pica". It means something like "if you love scabies, they don't hurt you". La semana pasada trabajamos muy duro pero no nos quejamos. Hay un refrán en español que di
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Review the future tense with a song

A distinctive element of many of Almodóvar’s films is a character who sings or mimes. Today we are bringing you the sequence from the film Tacones Lejanos, or High Heels in English (not a very accurate title, the literal translation would be Far Heels).
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