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This summer

Learn Spanish!

From home [or anywhere] with all the advantages of a face-to-face course. Discover an easy and communicative way to learn ONLINE like if you are in-person.


Online like in-person

More than 10 years experience teaching Spanish for adults in Scotland. Now we are transferring all our knowledge to ONLINE learning.


Join your class from anywhere and re-watch the recording to review or catch up.

Learn to speak

We use a very communicative methodology. We learn best doing things and small groups are the perfect format to create those opportunities.

Paperless but…

Access to the online platform with digital books and plenty of exclusive materials to learn more.
Check it here.

In good hands

Experienced, qualified native Spanish teachers will guide your learning process within your group.

Are you unsure of your level?

Contact us! We will arrange an assessment to check your level and together we’ll discuss the best course for you.

Regular Spanish

11-week | 2 hours per week

Our regular Spanish courses will equip you with the necessary skills for speaking Spanish, without compromising on improving your grammar, vocabulary and writing skills.

Spoken Spanish

4-week | 1.5 hours per week

Keep up your Spanish and improve your vocabulary, pronunciation and speaking skills with our spoken Spanish courses. 

Intensive Spanish

4-week | 2 hours per week

If you have a little extra time on your hands this summer, you might want to take an intensive beginner course or to accelerate your progress with the Spanish you already know.


“To have another language is to possess a second soul.”