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Our group courses

Groups are a perfect format to learn a language. Enjoy, learn, speak!

ONLINE Courses

Summer term

Summer Conversation

Keep up your Spanish and improve your vocabulary, pronunciation and speaking skills with our spoken Spanish courses. We will focus on a different topic each week, for which related materials will be available on the website for students who want to prepare the topic before class.

Block of one month | 4 week – 1.5 hour session once a week | August and September

Winter term

Regular Spanish Courses

Join us for our upcoming winter term, from January to March, and dive into the world of Spanish through our online courses. No matter if you’re a complete beginner or already proficient, our 10-week courses cater to all levels. Our experienced instructors will make learning interactive and fun, using real-life examples to help you grasp the language. Whether you want to travel, connect with new people, or boost your brainpower, our courses are here to help you succeed.

10 week courses | 2 hour session once a week | January to March

You can always contact us on WhatsApp, phone (07480117032) , or by completing the form below:

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