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A challenge that will pay off

Spanish ONLINE Courses

Advanced Courses

After mastering the skills achieved in our Intermediate Spanish courses, move to the next level with our Upper-Intermediate courses: online advanced Spanish courses to make your speech more natural an achieve that point where you can feel you can talk about something else apart from your last holidays or the weather.

As well as the language, these courses offer a new perspective on Spanish speaking countries, their culture, their way of living and thinking. It also explains some social conventions which can be useful for students who plan to travel to Spain or Latin America.

Advanced Regular Courses

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Course content

The goal of the course is to improve students’ level of comprehension and production, working with the four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The student should be able to understand a complex text and take part in a discussion naturally and in a spontaneous way with a native speaker; and to produce messages clearly and with detail on a wide range of subjects, including abstract concepts.

Unsure of your level?

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