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Spanish ONLINE Courses

Proficient Courses

These Spanish classes are aimed at those students who already have a good command in all the four skills as a way to keep practising and improving their use of the Spanish language.

The Spanish lessons will introduce some grammar topics as a revision but will be focused on the cultural aspects of the language and the oral interaction.

Proficient Regular Courses

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Course content

As this is our top level, students are expected to be able to speak and write fluently in Spanish. Also, a deep knowledge of the Spanish grammar is required.

The content of the course varies each term, but has a grammar topic introduced with vocabulary. It is very important during the course to create discussions groups and organise debates, whether related to cultural aspects or other subjects as appropriate.

Unsure of your level?

You can always contact us on WhatsAppphone (07480117032) , to arrange a meeting or to make any enquiry.